Who We Are

Our long standing experience bring to you the best of Italian Design and Technology to create a unique competitive advantage. The Beauty, Ingenuity and Charisma of our solution make your company stand out of the crowd.
Let's now introduce our team.
Alex - Art Director

"Design isn't just a job, its something I love to do.
Take a look at the design portfolio page and get in touch for an informal chat about our project."

Alessandro has more than ten years of experience, maturated in a worldwide environment. He works in many areas such as design implementation and redesign of websites, creation of newsletters, banners, e-commerce, applications for mobile and tablet, press animation, videos & advertisement, always with advanced technological development and original graphics solutions.

Marina - Brand Strategy & Interior Design

"You see what you know, what you feel; You create on what you are."

Marina has experience & competences in strategy, marketing, retail marketing with strong university background and real experience on the field: 10 years experience as University Researcher and Professor in Strategy, Marketing, Consumer Behavior and Brand Building. Focused on Cosmetic/Hair Care/Spa/Brand Boutique high-end brand professional markets experience, with a distinct eye for details and focus on retail management and its development, for goals and deadlines achievement. Her experience includes: identifying, analyzing, evaluating and recommending specific new product concepts | Developing and managing a collection structure plan, following the lifecycle of each product line and monitoring product sales trends and market feedback | Improving all aspects of the Brand & Marketing process.

Davide - 3D Animation & rendering

"I'm always learning new techniques and improving my knowledge, I'm constantly trying to do more in less time, raising the bar day by day"

Davide has been creating 3D graphics for many years: he has produced any kind of material, be it a simple product visualizazion or the complex animation of an entire industrial production line. He is also a motion graphics creator and a specialist in integrating 3D elements on top of real footage. If there is anything that you wish to represent or explain in 3D, then he is your man.

Anastasia - Web Design & Development

"There are not ideal conditions in which to write, to study, to work or to think, but it is only the will, the passion and the stubbornness to push you to pursue your own project."

Anastasia is graduated in History of Art and in Humanistic Informatics. The union of the two disciplines, the humanities and computer science, has as a result the creation of a composite and flexible professionist, who is able to treat your idea in digital form and knows how to communicate it through the Web and the multimedia products. She has experience in web development and design using the most important CMS platforms and hand code writing HTML/PHP/CSS, eCommerce websites & wedding websites.